MLB’s Mike Matheny: Servant Leadership

The church is a common context in which to hear the term servant leadership. Pastors are told all the time how important it is to their ministries to be servants first, to lead by┬áserving, and to remain humble in their leadership positions. We hear this so often in the church we’re probably numb to the idea.

Somewhere you might not expect to hear the concept of servant leadership discussed is Major League Baseball. Most of what we hear out of that world revolves around selfishness and greed. Winning and money are the two all-important end goals for most of the people who make their living in Major League Baseball.

But Mike Matheny, the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, has adopted a servant-leadership model in his clubhouse rule. Check out this article about him. It’s an interesting perspective you don’t often see coming out of the world of professional sports.

Did you read it? So what do you think? If Major League Baseball can do it, surely the church can view it in a new light to keep an old concept from getting tired. Right?