GUEST POST: Jason Frizzell | Waiting for Grace

BY Audra

December 4, 2013


*Editor’s Note: Jason Frizzell, who has written for the Barefoot blog before, joins us again today to discuss grace.

My Achilles heel as a leader is being able to see where I need to go very clearly but wanting to leapfrog into the future instead of soaking in the present moment to learn what is needed to live into what I’ve seen.

Sometimes in youth ministry we overemphasize the need to change in the moment, and we undervalue change over the long term. I wonder what value there might be in learning to wait for and extend grace in the midst of an unknown season?

It’s no secret that the North American church is undergoing identity realignment right now. Many leaders are helping push the envelope by inviting us to focus on who we are becoming instead of what we used to be. While a season like this can cause tension and strain, perhaps the invitation to wait for grace during these moments will be the posture that helps usher in the preferred future we so richly desire.

We adapt, we grow, and we change. Every season has a purpose and great value to it. What season of life do you find yourself resting in currently? Are you waiting for grace, or are you circumventing your development as a person by attempting to run ahead and live into your desired future now?

Will we model what it means to wait for grace through God’s timing in change, or will we demand our future inheritance through the veil of entitlement?

Our world knows what entitlement is; maybe it’s time they experience what it means to wait for the grace of God’s timing for change.

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