On Being Human

BY Doug Jones

April 4, 2013


Formed of the dust of the earth and the life-giving breath of our creator we became human beings. To be human is not an excuse to be flawed. To be human is not something we are to avoid. To be human is a reality to embrace and become more fully.

Jesus goes before us, and we are to keep our eyes on his example and strive to be as he was. If this is our goal, then to be deeply human is a path we must embrace, a way we are to go, a reality we cannot put aside. One thing we know: Jesus was fully human and the greatest example of a human being who has ever lived. To follow in the way of Jesus demands that we become comfortable in our skin, learn to live in harmony with our senses, accept our limitations, and bring our heads, hearts, and hands into union with God’s will and way.

Being human entails that our spirituality, faith, and our practices will be rooted in our everyday living and embodied in the soil and sanctity of the mundane. Over the month of April we will look at a spiritual and formative approach that makes us ever more human (and, as a result, ever more formed in the likeness of Jesus). The aspects of a humanizing spirituality we will sketch out are:

  1. Accepting our humanity: the spirituality of being and becoming.
  2. Awareness: the meeting of body, spirit, and soul.
  3. Wonder: making mystery our friend.
  4. Otherness: loving others, including our enemies.
  5. Reality: embracing authenticity and unmasking the impostor.
  6. Presence: being here, now.

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