On Being Human 4: Wonder

BY Doug Jones

April 16, 2013


You remember that deep emotion that wells up within us when we stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon or watch a child discover his or her fingers for the first time? The astonishment and awe that overcomes us in those moments taps into our capacity to decipher the mystery in the mundane and the sacred in the everyday. So often we walk inattentive to all the wonder-filled dramas going on about us; burning bushes go unnoticed.

Wonder seldom emerges in our lives if they are crammed with work, people, words, and noise. We need to make room in our lives to cultivate an outlook of wonder. It takes care to refresh our senses to see beyond the programming of our culture where efficiency, technological distractions and consumeristic tendencies are glorified. With effort, perseverance, and desire, we can definitely open our lives to God’s reshaping and recapture a sense of wonder.

Wonder is essential in our befriending mystery, cultivating hope and helping us discern where God is at work in our community and world. If your childlike wonder has been blunted by the battering of years filled with pain, questions, doubts, and skepticism, don’t lose heart. With prayer, some time in creation, and an openness to God’s Spirit, the wonder can return.

Restoring your Wonder:
1. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
2. Lie on your back on a star-filled night.
3. Sketch a landscape or your hand.
4. Go to an art gallery and lose yourself in a piece of art that captures your attention.

Transfiguration Prayer
You were transfigured on the mountain,
and Peter, James, and John saw you in your glory.
Master, Beautiful One, Jesus
Shine clearly in all your radiance, in our world,
reveal your glory today through the wonder of our world.
May we have attentive eyes and open hearts to receive
and clear minds to comprehend your love and truth
for us today.
In the name of the one who is the radiant splendor of
the Maker of All. Amen.

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