Traits To Emulate

BY Doug Jones

January 15, 2013




When I consider the meaning of the term Christian formation, I immediately have a thought of bearing God’s image or growing into the likeness of Jesus. It is what I associate with developing in our maturity as followers of Jesus and becoming more rooted in our faith. The question that often pops into my mind after this thought is: How am I growing more into the likeness of the God who has made us?

In what ways are we to bear the image of God? Where is the overlap between ourselves and the God of the universe in our ability to reflect common traits and character?

While this seems like a simple question, it is a crucial one for each of us to fix in our minds. It is crucial for our ability to pursue Christian formation in a way that moves us toward maturity that matters. It is also a question that we have some clarity on as we raise our children and in our work among God’s people, ensuring they see the meaning and the means of becoming image bearers.

Facing this question today, how would you answer:

  • What does bearing God’s image look like in our lives?
  • What traits do we share with God that we should be emulating and enhancing in our everyday lives?

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One comment on “Traits To Emulate

  1. If all we do as Humans reflect the Trinity, then we should be about what God purposes in Himself, both in form and function, structure and mission. We are created in the image of God and sanctification and we relate to each other like Father-Son, Son-Spirit, Spirit-Father = three in one. As we learn about how the Trinity functions (biblically speaking) we can experience that in community together. In a sense, the more we hang out with God the more He rubs off on me. This shows up mostly in our character development manifested in self-less and loving lifestyle of worship to God in the community of faith.

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