Six Traits to Emulate: (3) Love

BY Doug Jones

January 29, 2013


When God thinks about you, what do you suppose he feels?

Before you read on, go back and read the opening question again and really answer. It can be a revealing exercise when we answer that surprising question.

There are obviously many different answers, all of them reflective of our own current understanding of and view of God. Our notion about God’s nature and character clearly colors the way we answer the question. All of our answers are valid, but not all of them are equally accurate of God’s true feelings.

God’s feelings about us are the result of the truth that he sees us as beloved daughters and beloved sons. His feelings for us—at the very least—are feelings of deep love. God comes to us as love, in love, for love.

Surrendering to this perfect love offered to us by our deity is the call of us who call ourselves Christian. The duty of a Christ follower is to say yes to love—to surrender to it, trusting God and, out of this place, receiving the love God offers. From this posture, we are able to love.

After we have surrendered to True Love (the One who is love), are we able to love our neighbors (family, friends, coworkers, enemies, clerks, and acquaintances) not merely as an act of obedience (doing the right thing); but as a free and loving act that is an offering of our worship to God. When we have received love; we are freed to reflect unconditioned love to others.

Today may this prayer accompany you:

Lord, you are love itself: grant that we might love you and thus be a blessing!

(Dawn to Dark p. 62)

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