Six Traits to Emulate: (2) Goodness

BY Doug Jones

January 24, 2013




“Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8)

I think anyone who has had the opportunity to follow after the Lord for any length of time is able to affirm the statement from Psalm 34. It often doesn’t take long for us to map the fingerprints and evidence of God’s mercy and grace in our everyday lives. One thing we are often able to say is, “God is good.”

The second prayer I ever learned (probably at the age I began talking) started with the words, “God is good.” Often this is where our training about God begins as children or as new Christians. God’s goodness is seen in providing for all people with a sun that shines, rain that waters, and days to live out our lives in places that are not far from his presence and prodding [Act 17:27].

The provision of grace, mercy, and his presence are blessings that are signs of God’s goodness. God calls upon all those who are children of God to receive these blessings, not as something to hoard or wear as badges of honor or privilege but to bless others. God out of goodness blesses us that we might—out of a goodness that reflects our Maker—bless others. Out of goodness, share kindness, forgiveness, gifts, listening ears, edifying words, patience, finances, time, homes, and hearts.

Fountain of life, ever-flowing stream of life, it is through you alone that we are provided with good and perfect gifts. You are the source of all that is good and satisfying. May we learn and prove to be grateful and worthy recipients of that which flows from your throne. Amen.

[Dawn to Dark p. 46]

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