6 Traits to Emulate

BY Doug Jones

January 17, 2013




In the last post we considered the question: What does bearing God’s image look like in our lives? In this post I will sketch a response to the question that attempts to be a starting point. The response is not the final or comprehensive word on the topic, merely a jumping-off point to help us begin to fill in the details for ourselves.

When we consider growing into the likeness of Christ, there are some things that are off limits: We can’t become all-knowing or all-powerful or everywhere present. The overlap between ourselves and our creator has limits. That being said, there is still considerable overlap. Here are six traits we might consider as important traits worth emulating in our pursuit of Christ-likeness.

1. Holiness – God expressly calls us to emulate the holiness that is on display as God acts justly, rightly, and with no hint of darkness among us throughout history.

2. Goodness – God’s kindness, generosity, and willingness to put others’ interests before his own is an attribute we can develop and demonstrate.

3. Love – To act from a place motivated by love (rather than out of obligation, subservience, or fear) is what sets Jesus apart; and I believe it should set his followers apart.

4. Faithfulness – God has a perfect track record of keeping promises and providing for his people.   He is dependable, and our challenge is to reflect that integrity and  trustworthiness.

5. Presence – From walking in the cool of the afternoon, to a cloud in front of Israel, to a baby    lying in a manger, God will always be present. We can emulate this trait by growing in our awareness, alertness, and attentiveness to be present in each moment.

6. Missional – God is on the move and at work; God is missional: creating, relating, reforming,    restoring. Our mandate is to stop working on our thing and be about noticing and joining God at work in our midst.

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