Beyond Thanksgiving to Giving Thanks

BY Doug Jones

November 20, 2012




One day a year, many folks in the United States of America stop to celebrate their many blessings by partaking of too much food, around tables with folks they see only a few times (or once) a year, before heading off to Black Friday sales to acquire more stuff they don’t need for ridiculously low prices.

Okay, I admit that is a bit cynical. Yet it seems that Thanksgiving has devolved from giving thanks into a meal that serves as a prelude to crass consumerism. Doesn’t giving thanks and sharing our gratitude imply that we have more than enough, that we are satisfied and blessed with abundance? Yet it appears that too many of us are infected with a good dose of We Deserve Better—the foundational belief that underlies and drives greed and consumption.

The irony is that if we truly practiced the exercise of giving thanks and sharing our genuine gratitude, it would have the power to erode our need for more and better. Unfortunately for too many of us, greed and consumption have their way with us, and we are more infected with acquiring and updating than with reflecting and giving thanks in a routine way. We must break the cycle by treating our infection with the appropriate antidote, which includes:

  • honest reflection
  • taking inventory
  • acknowledging our benefactors
  • saying thank you
  • sharing what we have with others

Will we break the cycle? Take time as 2012 winds down to reflect, count your blessings, express your gratitude to the Father of light, and share your abundance with others.

Go beyond another Thanksgiving meal by expressing your gratitude, saying thank you and giving to those in need around you.

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