Personal Retreat 4: How We Approach a Personal Retreat

BY Doug Jones

September 18, 2012


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In attempting something new or different, we often focus on the what and why and fail to look at an important question: How? How do we approach something in respect to our motives, intentions, and attitudes? This manner of how is something we don’t want to overlook or minimize in approaching a personal retreat.

Intention: This not a planning retreat or a study time. A personal retreat is about being with God. We need to carry this intention with us to and throughout the retreat. When distractions come, we need to dismiss them, jot them down, or confess them and return to our intention.

Essentials: Take only what is needed; this is not time to pack for a variety of circumstances. A Bible, prayer book, and journal are often all that is needed. Each additional item you take has the potential of leading you astray from your clear intention.

Solitude: For this day, make arrangements to unplug from your mobile device and social media and sequester yourself with God.

Personal: This is called a personal retreat because that is what it is all about. This day is for you to be with the One who has called you. This is not a day to move toward how you might teach or share some new insight. Resist the urge to move into the role of teacher or preacher.

Carry it Home: Spend this uninterrupted time with God and trust that as you grow in increasing awareness of God, you will carry this attentiveness into your daily life.

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2 comments on “Personal Retreat 4: How We Approach a Personal Retreat

  1. Glad you are finding them helpful, Rick. The how often is a great question. These days I take a personal retreat about 2 times a year. There was a time I took them more frequently as often as 6 times a year.

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