The Rest of The Story

BY Doug Jones

June 20, 2012


In the first chapter of Genesis we can make a couple observations about “what God is like.” Clearly God creates. We can also see that God is in relationship with the Trinity and also with what has been created. Finally, God rests from the work of creation.

God creates, relates, and rests.

In the same chapter we learn that women and men are created in the image of God. As such, we know from our own experience and also from the example we find of God in Genesis 1, that, like God, we are made to create, relate, and rest.

Rest is a wonderful gift, a leisure afforded us by our creator. It also entails a demonstration on our part to trust in God’s care, provision, and protection while we rest from our effort. Not least, to rest is a command from our Creator we are called to obey.

I encourage you to trust God by receiving this gift of rest and obeying God on a frequent basis. Why not now take some time to look at your schedule over the next few months and block off some intentional time to rest. It doesn’t need to be whole days or weeks of time, but it should be frequent and guarded, and time spent that will provide you with rest and refreshment from routine. Consider scheduling a lunch with a loved one, a coffee break at your favorite coffee house, an afternoon at a park or state forest, a day trip to the beach or lake, or an appointment with a hammock. The key is that, during this time, you cease from your labor, and you trust in and awake to God’s presence and provision. Consciously, rest in God.

That is the rest of the story.

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