LOL Karma _ \every time you are near Emmielu123 Gotta love the rumor pool gfyfgt wait what?

Sangria_ Karma how come the admin says you’re Mystic? Sangria_ chatting with admin now Sangria_ thinking Karma won’t last long

10 min later mystic replies and once again she pretends to not see the comment or question if its something she’s not expecting or she delays until she can figure out an answer that sounds legit.

Chele1L Karma did u have a nice vaca?

Karma _ i don’t know what admin says sangria but I do know that they are bound by wireclub rules not to discuss it with other members Karma _ again, I don’t play the name game. stop baiting Sangria_ lol sure mystic they are Sangria_ like they used to tell you who others were right? bogus63 wait Karma is zilla. Sangria_ lmfao took you long enough to respond mystic Sangria_ yup bogus Karma _ sangria I don’t sit here constantly, do you russianbrides opis? Boredsilly72 hiya Karma how are you? Continue reading