Just how can the Longest Phase End up being Larger than the full Mutual DNA?

The fresh new MyHeritage wide variety are very comparable (that isn’t usually the situation). So much more particularly, MyHeritage informs me which our common markets are on Chromosome #step one and you may #17. The greater part is on #17.

Definition of the Longest Part

The fresh new longest phase is just the common section toward high level of centimorgans. Ancestry screens this new longest segment because eleven cM. Virginia and that i simply express two segments, so i is also infer the new approximate measurements of others section.

What about the other avenues?

The Ancestry screen doesn’t i’d like to infer other part models when there are more than just several inside it. Capture my personal closest relative towards the Ancestry:

Origins tells me our longest mutual part are forty-five cM, but have little idea how the rest of our very own shared DNA was bequeath across the most other 19 segments. This is because Ancestry cannot render a Chromosome Web browser. There are ways for this – come across my personal breakdown of five how to use an excellent chromosome web browser along with your Ancestry DNA suits.

You will possibly not has actually destroyed new elephant regarding place, my buddy Jack (disappointed, Jack). We show a maximum of 20 cM all over 1 sector, nevertheless the longest part is stated because 31 cM. Continue reading