Contradicting conventional morality, Machiavelli advises wise princes sicuro use violence and cunning to safeguard their states

In The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli shrewdly outlines the strategies that verso ruler must follow puro maintain his position and govern his state. With per clear and direct authorial voice, Machiavelli employs ancient and contemporary examples onesto illustrate the pragmatic tactics of successful leaders. Dedicating his book to the Florentine ruler Lorenzo de Medici , Machiavelli draws heavily on his own political experience esatto support his exceedingly realistic views on human nature and the techniques of able rulers. The Prince explores the careful balance between contrasts, comparing virtue and vice, prowess and fortune, and subjects and rulers.

At the start of the treatise Machiavelli asks Lorenzo to accept The Prince as verso “token of my devotion,” stating that his “long acquaintance” with political affairs and “continuous study of the ancient world ” inform his writing. Continue reading