Pro: You might instruct the essential difference between nudity and you can sexuality

“I have not ever been nude before the twins – i wear undies,” says Adam, a father regarding Enough time Area. “[We’re] training her or him your body’s absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed out-of but that the confidentiality might be known.”

Pro: Parts of the body are not considered taboo

Possibly the really private away from private parts suffice a physiological mode and cannot incorporate thoughts regarding shame attached to her or him. This may such assist because the college students strike puberty.

“I’ve been really open with my daughter, and it assisted open the entranceway to own inquiries she could have on the girl development muscles,” says Sue off Massachusetts.

“It resulted in some interesting conversations, but she in addition to didn’t freak-out when she been increasing pubic hair due to the fact she know it was normal.”

Con: Limitations will get blurred

Things can get trickier while you are talking about students of your own opposite gender – and several moms and dads has a particular issue when it comes to fathers and daughters. Continue reading