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If you’re after a vintage engagement or wedding ring, head to Leeds’ very won Queens Arcade. Here, you’ll find Aladdin’s Cave, a wonderland of one-off, pre-loved and expertly verified pieces that have stood the test of time. They scour antique fairs and auctions across the country to find wedding-worthy jewels that deserve another happy ending. Their one-of-a-kind collection is constantly changing – one day you might find an 18-carat art ond solitaire cut wedding ring.

Simcha Gallery

A little independent craft store and jewellers tucked away in Leeds Corn Exchange might seem like an unusual place to buy an engagement ring, but trust us, it’s a real find. Simcha Gallery offers a range of hand-crafted, nature-inspired rings that redefine contemporary class. If you want something made just for you, they’ll help turn your ideas into a reality – they can even repurpose old jewellery, so whether you want to reimagine a family heirloom or simple save a few bob, you’re all set.

Yorkshire Jewellery

If you can’t decide between a vintage or brand-new ring, head to Yorkshire Jewellery. Continue reading