Introduce homosexuality, degeneracy and you will promiscuity since “normal, pure and you may suit

13. Prevent respect oaths. [Note: It is completely proper and suitable for our regulators you may anticipate group, paid off by the American taxpayer, when planning on taking a keen oath out-of support.]

fifteen. Capture you to definitely otherwise all of brand new political events from the You.S. [Note: In his guide, “Reagan’s Combat,” Peter Schweizer reveals brand new astonishing studies to which communists and you can communist sympathizers keeps permeated the newest Popular Class. In the book, Schweizer produces in regards to the presidential election of 1979.]

16. Explore technical erican establishments, by the claiming its situations violate civil-rights. [Note: This tactic extends back to the beginning of Western Municipal Liberties Connection by the Fabian Socialists Roger Baldwin and John Dewey and Communists William Z. ]

17. Score command over the brand new colleges. Utilize them as indication belts having Socialism and you can newest Communist propaganda. Soften the new programs. Get control over educators connections. Place the party range for the books.

Foster and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn as well as others

19. Explore college student riots to foment societal protests up against programs or teams that are lower than Communist assault. [Note:The prosperity of these needs, out of a good communist position, is clear. Continue reading