Hijacking the Word ‘Blessed’

BY Audra

April 15, 2014


In February, Huffington Post featured an article by Scott Dannemiller on the way Christians use the word blessed, and it resonated with us. Check it out and see if you agree or disagree. If you disagree, why? If you agree, how can we do a better job of communicating with our teens about the difference between reaping the benefits of sound financial investments or good business decisions, and the ways God actually chooses to bless God’s followers?

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One comment on “Hijacking the Word ‘Blessed’

  1. This is something that I have been struggling with for years. I am glad to see it receive some light of day. I think that we use this word in so many ways, that is just becomes something we say. Like our responses to “How are you?” when we say something like “Fine” or “Good, good.”. Or more poignantly, the fact that we as “How are you?” at all, when we don’t even mean that! We aren’t really thinking to ourselves “I wonder how she is doing right now” when we ask that question. Its just what we say.

    At church, when people pray, we often hear “bless the rest of this service”, or “bless the reading of this word”, or “may the lord bless you and keep you…”.

    Is it wrong to reply “I’m feeling blessed.”? I don’t think so. Blessed that we know our God. But is it wrong to say “Feeling blessed” when referring to material gain, or health? Yes, I think so. We can certainly feel grateful, and at peace… but to suggest that my health is due to God’s specific blessing, is to suggest that my neighbour’s cancer is due to God’s curse.

    Just my thoughts. I see this was posted in April, and no other comments seem to be here. Were there any more comments?

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