What Are We Really Getting Out of Short-Term Missions?

BY Audra

February 10, 2014


True, The Onion is irreverent, and no subject is sacred with them. True, they’re not a credible source for serious news stories. True, they are willing to speak truth and and expose subtexts surrounding situations that the legitimate media outlets ignore or avoid or hide.

So how about this time? Does The Onion have short-term missions pegged?

And what if The Onion is wrong? It’s the type of media outlet many Christians would describe as ‘worldly’ or ‘secular.’ So, suppose short-term missions really can be life-changing and transformational in lasting ways. That’s all fine and good, except for the fact that, somehow, a worldly site like The Onion is still getting a different message. If the message we send is what’s reflected in that article, then what are we getting wrong, exactly? The act of short-term missions itself? Or the translation and explanation of its meaning and significance?

Whatever it is, we’re obviously going wrong somewhere.

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