Six Traits to Emulate: (5) Presence

BY Doug Jones

February 5, 2013





I Am that I Am.


God with us.

The way in which God has been revealed, from God’s names and the Scriptures, one thing we can know is this: God is present tense. God is in the moment. God is near. God is present. God doesn’t miss our point, fail to hear, or miss our moment because of being otherwise occupied with thoughts of the past or plans for the future. God is. God is here. God is now. God is here and now.

While we can’t be everywhere present, we can reflect the present-tenseness of God by being in the here and now. We can demonstrate God’s presence by paying attention to the present moment. I often find myself missing what others are saying (and not saying) because I am caught up in myself rather than being in the present tense. I focus on the past or the future to the neglect of being fully present in the here and now. Thus, I fail to emulate our God by being with others in the present.

The challenge for me (and maybe for you) is to settle into the present moment. There is a joy and freedom to being in the moment. There we find the Divine. There we find ourselves. There we find the opportunity to be with others. There, in the here and now, we find life.

May we be present today in each moment, here and now.

As we wake this day, we awake in your world and in your presence. Help us rise from the slumber of our own selfish whims and willful ways to a new alertness, being more fully aware of your purposes for this day. Help us desire to stay near to your heart, your concerns, and your love. Amen.

[Dawn to Dark, p. 83]

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