How’s the Service?

BY Doug Jones

October 9, 2012

Help Others



Pursuing Christian maturity is a goal many of us pursue. We take many different tactics, but one I often neglect and fail to remember is engaging in service. While I can rate the service I receive at retailers and restaurants at a drop of the hat, I often ignore my own service rating. It isn’t that I don’t or haven’t given of my time, gifts, and energies to many worthy causes and ministry endeavors; it is my lack of serving in everyday life that I too often overlook. Serving and caring for others is at the heart of our Christian faith, and a glance at the Scriptures will confirm it (Matthew 6:1-4, Matthew 25:31-40, Luke 6:31, James 1:27, 1 Peter 4:10). I have come to realize that nothing less than disciplined practice can overcome my inertia toward service.

The following is my attempt to overcome my natural inclination of avoiding the posture of a servant.

  • Invite God to give me eyes that will quickly recognize opportunities to serve and a soft heart ready to quickly, joyfully, and completely obey.
  • As I pray for those near to me, take time to pause and reflect and consider ways I can show them love, mercy, and care by serving them at their point of need. Then do it.
  • Attempt to serve in secret on a regular basis. Send something that is needed anonymously in the mail, or drop it off at a doorstep.
  • Have a go-the-extra-mile attitude by seeing a need and filling it. (Sweep or vacuum a floor, prepare a meal, clear a table, mow a lawn, pay for someone behind me in line.) Whatever it is, serve out of love and without being asked.

How’s the service you are offering?

Photo: Keoki Seu

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