Personal Retreat 2: What’s the Plan?

BY Doug Jones

September 11, 2012


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In our previous post, we looked at why we need to take time away to spend a day with God. Breaking out of our routines and busyness is crucial to our personal Christian formation. Equally important as breaking our daily patterns is having a plan and clear intentions guiding what we do while on retreat.

What do you do on a personal retreat?

  • Solitude: A personal retreat is time for us to be alone with God. (Luke 5:16)
  • Listening: It often takes breaking through numerous distractions of focusing on the past or the future to tune in and listen for God in the present moment. (John 10:1-4)
  • Waiting: Waiting can be demonstrated by resisting action and waiting on God’s direction, prompting, provision, or answer. (Psalm 27:13-14)
  • Praying: Taking time to write out our prayers and read them back to God or use of a prayer book can help us approach God and submit to God’s will. (Luke 22:42)
  • Resting: Take time to relax. Sit in the woods and watch the birds, watch the sun rise or set, take a nap in a hammock or on a porch swing, etc. (Mark 6:31)
  • Enjoying: Worship God and enjoy his presence. Engage in an act of worship. (Psalm 37:4)
  • Reflecting: Look back at the various impressions, words, and promptings that have come up throughout your time. Reflect on what God might be showing you through this time on retreat.


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