The Pressures of Back to School!

BY Barefoot Ministries

August 3, 2012

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Hey Barefoot Friends,

Many teenagers, whether it’s their first year of junior or senior high school or their last, may wish they had taken a survival course on how to make it at school. Today’s teens face a bewildering variety of pressures at school.
What are some of these pressures?

• Academic pressure leads teens to feel a high amount of anxiety and to cheat in order to make the grade. This was powerfully documented in the film Race to Nowhere.

• Financial pressure leads some teens to have jobs that require them to get up early and/or go to bed late.

• Athletic pressures can lead teens to choose between participation in ministry or games that consume their afterschool hours.

• Relational pressures force them into a dating jungle in which a God-honoring view of sexuality is hard to find and maintain.

Pressures can lead some to addictive or harmful behaviors. Some teens may suffer alone through the anxiety and depression these pressures create. Whatever the form the pressures of school life take and the effects they have on teens, it is important that youth ministry be a place where teens can learn to face the pressures in faith.
Several youth ministries provide the following relational opportunities to apprentice teens through the pressures of school life in faith:

• Mentoring is a great way to provide teens with a guide who can help them navigate the pressures of school life toward adulthood with faith.

• Small Groups can make the youth group a place of refuge where teens can share personal struggles and get help dealing with the stress of school life.

What does your church do to disciple teens through the pressures of school life? Share your insights on the Barefoot Online Blog.
Blessings to you,

The Barefoot Team

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