Ears to Hear

BY Doug Jones

July 31, 2012


Beauty is something that we all seem to “know it when we see it” or able to identify when we hear it.  We are hard wired with a capacity, longing and intuitive sense for beauty.  Wandering through the woods with a four or five year old and they will stop and show you all kinds of wonders and beautiful things (reminding us along the way of the vastness and astonishment of how our world is made.  When we are aware and “tuned in” we realize as we go through our days of the beauty around us and the sad reality of how sin defiles and denigrates beautiful things, people and places.

One way that may help us live in a more aware state is to consciously tune ourselves up by practicing awareness.  A fun way I have found is to find a quiet place (okay that already may be a challenge depending on your stage of life) and put on some great music and enjoy it.  Every time your mind wanders tune back into the music – allow the music to envelop you – thoroughly engage in the melody, harmonies, instrumentation, and the overall mood and themes presented.  It may be a challenge but attempt to stay in this heightened focus and awareness for 30-45 minutes.  This is a great relaxing and enjoyable practice that you can turn to every week and you may find, as I have, that it has a way of helping you be more present to others and to the moments of your day.

I have found some recordings to be far more conducive to this practice than others.  Of course, part of the fun of this – is finding great music to use for this practice.  I will share two outstanding recordings I have discovered and if there is interest would be glad to offer a much longer list.

Ennio Morricone – The Mission (Original Sound Track)

Jonathon Elias – The Prayer Cycle

Would love to hear your responses and impressions of this practice.  Share some of your favorite recordings for growing your awareness of beauty.  Enjoy!


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